Christmas trees are a wonderful part of the holiday season, but can also be a cause of fires.  According to (the National Fire Protection Association) each year an average of 230 home fires start with a Christmas tree, causing 6 deaths, 22 injuries, and $18.3 million in damages.  You can mitigate this risk by creating a simple rule using your account and Qolsys Smart Socket.

First, make sure your Qolsys IQ Smart Socket is paired with your IQ Panel and that your Christmas lights are plugged into the left side of the socket.  To make it even easier, use the custom name feature on the IQ Panel to name your left socket “Christmas Tree.”

Qolsys-IQ-Panel-Smart-Socket-screenshotNext login to your account and click on the “emPower” tab and find the “Rules” section. headerIn the “Rules” section you can do one of two things: “Add a rule” Use this to create rule that reacts when you do something.  For example, you can add a rule that turns your tree lights off when you arm your IQ Panel in “Away” mode.  Qolsys Rule“Add a schedule” I use this to turn your tree lights on and off again at specific times.  I created a schedule that turns my tree lights on at 6am and back off again at 11pm. Add ScheduleOnce you’ve customized your rules, you’re done!  Now when you leave the house and arm your panel in “Away” mode you’ll know those lights will be off, keeping your home safe when you are away.

Additional tips:
-Get an IQ Smoke.  If a fire DOES happen, you can know right away via e-mail message or text message.  If your system is monitored, the fire department will be dispatched for you whether you are home or not.
-Create a geofence to remind you to arm your system.  When you leave the geofence your system can send you a message if you have forgotten to arm your system.

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